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03/14/09 - Albert Thomas
It's been a along time since we have made any changes or introduced new features. I am trying to make some changes now. We are now using Google Sites to serve up all the static pages. This will make adding content easy. We have converted all the pages. Please let me know if you see any broken links.

Do you have some fresh ideas? Do you have features that you would like to see on this site? Drop me a line.

05/25/01 - Albert Thomas
We have now moved to a new website at - This will hopefully be the first step in integrating a number of PSG Tech Alumni Websites into a single site
The domain name will continue to live on as the official site of the PSG Institutions.
We have moved webhosts to Addr.Com

09/01/00 - Albert Thomas
The Login procedures have been changed. You must now login using your Ref No and the Generic password before you can modify your info
We will soon be moving to individual passwords.... hopefully soon
Alumni can only change their own info.
We have added a utility to retrieve your password incase you have forgotten it.

03/18/00 - Albert Thomas
We have added an online database. This currently allows real time registration and modification of alumni info.
A new and improved search engine is back after an absence of more than three years. The search engine has been built from the ground up. You can now search alumni info stored in the database using different search criteria.
The alumni info update form now displays existing info for added convenience

11/31/97 - Albert Thomas
The Guest Book is back. This time we are using the services of Guestworld.

10/02/97 - Albert Thomas
The form to Add/Update Info has been changed. We left out columns that weren't being filled up. This new form also has columns to enter upto three completion courses, branches and years.

09/02/97 - Albert Thomas
The Web page has gotten a facelift. let me know what you think.

02/17/97 - Albert Thomas
The Alumni List And The Search Facility Are Being Revamped. Search Will Be Unavailable Until Further Notice.

05/30/96 - Baiju Jacob
The Alumni Page at the new site is up and running. All search and additions will work at this new site.

05/27/96 - Baiju Jacob
The PSG Tech page has a new location. We haveour own domain name PSG.ORG. The site will be at a server maintained by DigiWeb. We will be paying a fee to maintain this site on a monthly basis.

05/23/96 - Baiju Jacob
Dhillip Anandham ('91 EEE) offers the services of the Web India Web site to house the PSG Tech Alumni Page temporarily. The site is

05/22/96 - Baiju Jacob
PSG Tech site is no longer available at the GRANADA.COM domain Special thanks to Benjamin Philip for housing our site at his organizatin for almost a year.

08/24/95 - Baiju Jacob
The search screen now works. A few bugs need to be ironed out. After the year you will find name printed. Please ignore that. I will fix it when I get more time. The search is still case sensitive so I will have to fix it some time soon too.

08/23/95 - Baiju Jacob
As of today the PSG Tech page has moved from the original site at to I apologize for any inconvenience caused you by this. The search functionality is broken so please bear with me while I get it properly compiled. All registrations will be handled promptly and the username and passwords assigned to you before can still be used on this new server.

07/26/95 - Baiju Jacob
The registration form has been fixed. Finally it's up and running. I wish to thank Ben Phillip for allowing me to use some space on his server to store the PSG Tech alumni list and other sundry items. If you get a chance please mail him a thankyou as he has been of immense help in getting my html files from opus and moving it to Granada.

02/03/95 - Baiju Jacob
The first IRC meeting of PSG Tech Alumni will be held on the #psg channel at 9 PM (CST). If you are free please join the channel and meet fellow Techians. Users should be online for atleast three hours so you can join the channel between 9 PM and 12 PM CST and can meet atleast some of the Tech Alumni. We hope to make this a weekly affair and then probably into a daily meeting if there is sufficient response. Hope to see all of you there. Medium : IRC
Channel : #psg
Date : Sat Feb 4 1995
Time : 9 PM to 12 AM (CST)

01/21/95 - Baiju Jacob
A new medium has been added to facilitate Techians to talk interactively. The Inter Relay Chat (IRC), is a commonlyu used medium for students and professionals to wind down and meet other people of similar interests. Bharat Sunder ( suggested forming a #psg channel and I thought it would be a wonderful idea too. This has been an idea I was thinking of a long time but wasnt sure if others would be interested. This channel will be always active and I have loaded a bot [Affectionately called the Peelamedu bot] so that it will be a source of information for all users of the psg channel. Thanks a lot Sundar. I hope to see you folks online and talk to you.
Accesing the #psg channel
To access it use the irc program on your system (usually called irc) and then when you are in the program and have connected to a server (usually most systems connect you by default to a server) type /join #psg . Alternative server names are,, and All IRC commands are preceded by a / and anything not preceded by a / is sent to the channel directly as a message. Well join the channel and ask someone on the channel for help.

01/18/95 - Baiju Jacob
I have added a small file that contains job leads mailed to me by alumni. [Only one so far, but it's a start]. Please note I do not want to start another here, but it will be a more selective job postings that will help Tech Alumni specifically and hopefully these are non advertised positions. [Hint, Less competition]. If you have any leads please mail them to me and I will include them. If you wish to remain anonymous please indicate so and I will delete the email id from the message. It is under the PSG Tech Alumni List and it requires the same username and password that was given you when you registered.

01/17/95 - Baiju Jacob
Hope you all had a wonderful new year ...
I am still waiting for volunteers to contribute articles or perhaps suggest some ways for us Techians to get together. If anybody has any suggestions please mail them by clicking on the mail icon on the speed bar.

11/29/94 - Baiju Jacob
Arasendran is leaving to India and would like to take back information about different graduate schools back with him. Please mail as much information to him directly via e-mail at This will be of great assistance to other students at Tech. This also assures them of access to accurate information.

10/19/94 - Baiju Jacob
Shanthakumar Palaniswami (ECE '74) has been organizing programs and picnics in the Michigan area. He also produces an annual news letter. He is looking for suggestions and contributions [articles and ideas]. Get in touch with him to get more details.

10/18/94 - Baiju Jacob
I was thinking of having a small meet of sorts for Tech Alumni in the Northeast (PA/NJ/NY/VA) area. Let me know by e-mail if you are interested [with suggestions about location and time].

10/10/94 - Baiju Jacob
A picture of the PSG Industrial Institue has been added to the Home Page. If anybody has a better idea for Logo's let me know.

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