Friday, November 21, 2014

Thank You

Back when the Internet was taking baby steps on campus networks(1993), two separate initiatives started. Albert Thomas (91 Prod) started an email based alumni registry out of the Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Separately, Baiju Jacob (91 ECE) started a website to register alumni information, share news, display pictures, etc. This website was hosted at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

In 1994, Baiju registered a new domain - PSG.ORG and PSG Tech made its first appearance on the Internet. Over the years, the site evolved, changed domains and helped register and connect over 9,000 alumni.

It has been Twenty years since. Times have changed and there are now many ways for alumni to stay in touch. PSGTechAlumni.Org served its purpose and has now simply outlived its usefulness. The collection, search and display of alumni information is being stopped effective immediately.

This Website was made possible due to the time and effort volunteered by several alumni and friends.
We thank from the bottom of our hearts, every one who contributed to this effort. We would like to make special mention of the following individuals and organizations.
  • Albert Thomas (91 Prod) for managing the website from 1998 until 2014 and for funding it from 2003 until 2014.
  • Baiju Jacob (91 ECE) for coming up with this whole idea of a web site. Baiju started this page way back in 1994 and registered the original domain and funded it until more sponsors came along.
  • Dhillip Anandam (91 EEE) and for having hosted the Tech site temporarily at  before we moved to our current site. Thanks Dhillip.
  • Special thanks to Benjamin Philip for housing our site at his organization( for almost a year in 1994.
  • Former PSG Institutions CE Mr. C.R, Swaminathan and Dr. P. Radhakrishnan for consistent support and encouragement over the years.
  • Last, but not least, we are thankful to everyone who made monetary contributions over the years and especially early on when costs were a lot higher.


ClassAlumni Amount  Class Total 
1960 BE EEE10.00
R V Subbiah10.00
1974 BE ECE25.00
Shanthakumar Palaniswami25.00
1980 BE EEE45.00
Chandrakumar Natrajan45.00
1981 BE ECE45.00
N Nandhakumar45.00
1984 BE ECE275.00
Srini Sankaran275.00
1984 BE Mech70.00
Manivannan P50.00
Raveendran Ramaswamy20.00
1984 BE PROD35.00
Gertrude Premela Pannirselvam35.00
1985 BE ECE20.00
Meenal Veerappan20.00
1988 BE PROD120.00
Pushparaj Venkitasami45.00
Seenivasan Ramanujam40.00
Seshaprasad Krishnamurthy20.00
Srini Sankaran15.00
1989 BE Civil50.00
Sendhil Kolandaivel50.00
1989 BE MECH85.00
Suresh Soundarajan45.00
Vikram Raghupathy40.00
1989 BE PROD / 1993 ME PROD40.00
Thirumaran Kuppusamy40.00
1990 BE EEE(SW)100.00
Ranjith Kumar100.00
1990 BE MECH20.00
Muralidharan Mariappan10.00
Prabhu Palanisami10.00
1990 BE PROD45.00
Sudhakar Jayaraman45.00
1991 BE CSE45.00
Palaniappan Rajaram45.00
1991 BE ECE280.00
Baiju E Jacob120.00
Jerome A Joseph40.00
Karthikeyan Aiyaswamy Mahalingam120.00
1991 BE MECH220.00
Mahendrakumar Ganesan40.00
1991 BE PROD2,600.00
Albert R Thomas2,289.00
Anandtha Subramanian Rajamani45.00
Arasendran Sellakannu181.00
Gunashekar T.J.40.00
Srinivasan Mandala45.00
1992 BE CSE10.00
Satish Purushothaman10.00
1992 BE MECH10.00
Sarath Ranganathan Kottur10.00
1992 BE MECH(SW)25.00
1992 BE PROD10.00
Satyanarayanan Venkatapathy10.00
1993 BE MECH10.00
Vinod Kubher10.00
1994 BE Prod101.00
Venkat Gopalakrishnan101.00
1995 BE CSE30.00
1995 BE ECE20.00
1995 BE MECH10.00
1995 BE PROD60.00
Grand Total4,416.00